Phoenix Mfg. has joined the fight against Covid-19 by providing 2 PPE devices: Face Shield and Face Mask. We are also manufacturing NoTouchEm which provides contact-free use of commonly touched areas as the economy reopens.


$12.00. Made from copper, a naturally anti-microbial material, this device allows contact-free opening and closing of doors, as well as the pushing buttons or keypads. This device fits easily in your pocket or attaches to a keychain to remain readily accessible. .

Face Shield

$8.00. The face shield is made from polycarbonate with nylon straps and foam head band.The shield protects the user's mouth, nose, and eyes while allowing the user to breathe normally.

Save $30 when you buy in bulk!

10 shields for $50.

Face Mask

$10.00. The face mask fits comfortably, but snuggly against the face, is made from multiple layers of fabric, and is able to be laundered without damage. The mask provides moderate protection, but is not N95 or N99.

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